More time enjoying your garden, less time watering it.

Raindrip is an automatic, precision watering system for your landscape.

Our System

Raindrip Automatic Watering System with Timer

The Raindrip Automatic Watering System with Timer is a simple to use drip watering kit that waters flowers, shrubs and trees in your landscape areas (not for lawn use). It’s efficient, simple to install and includes a battery-operated timer so you can set your system to water automatically.

Raindrip Box

Affordable, tool-free automated landscape watering is here at last.

Our tool-free all-in-one kit waters up to 10 plants at once so you can treat your plants right year round. Need more? The kit comes with 10 feeders and 50 feet of tubing, but more feeders and longer tubing are easily added to suit your needs.

Drip watering delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely to each plant or plant area, right where your plants need it - their root zone. Even better, less water is wasted compared with regular watering.

Tool Free
Tool Free
All connections are designed to be hand connected and tightened.
Set up the timer once and it automates the process.
Healthy plants
Healthy plants
Plants get the right amount of water directly to their root zone.
Saves Water
Saves Water
Water savings of up to 70%. Reduces water use by eliminating waste.
More than 10 plants? Easily fit the system to your landscape.
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How it works

Easy 1-2-3 Installation:
All you need is your hands.

This system is designed to be tool-free and set-up in 3 easy steps. The connections are made to be hand-connected and hand-tightened.

House using Raindrip Enlarge

One kit comes with 10 feeders and 50 feet of tubing

The timer simply screws on to your hose bibb. As part of the timer installation, we include a filter regulator that also connects simply, using a hose thread tool-free connection. The 5/8" supply line then connects to the pressure regulator using the same standard hose thread connections.

Once the supply line has been connected to the timer and filter regulator, it will be laid into the landscape area. Now you can attach our feeder lines that use the tool-free Clamp-n-Pierce™ connector to simply puncture the supply line wherever plants are located.

  1. Step 1: Something
  2. Step 2: Something
  3. Step 3: Something

In the Kit:

The kit contains everything needed to water at least 150 square feet of landscape area.
Plus, an Installation and Inspiration Guide to show you how easy it is to customize the system to fit your landscape. The contents of the kit are labelled to correspond with the installation steps.

  1. Package 1: 1x Universal Faucet Timer, 1x Filter/Pressure Regulator, 1x Y Connector
    • 1 x Universal Faucet Timer
    • 1 x Filter/Pressure Regulator
    • 1 x "Y" Connector
  2. Package 2: 1x Universal Tee, 1x Universal End Plug, 1x 50 ft. Supply Tubing, 5x Wire Stakes, 10x Goof Plugs
    • 1 x Universal Tee
    • 1 x Universal End Plug
    • 1 x 50 ft. Supply Tubing
    • 5 x Wire Stakes
    • 10 x Goof Plugs
  3. Package 3: 10x Support stakes, 10x Pre-assembled 4 ft. feeder lines, 2 GPH
    • 10 x Support stakes
    • 10 x Pre-assembled 4 ft. feeder lines, 2 GPH
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Expand & Customize

Water up to 75 plants at once with our add-on products.

It’s easy to customize or expand your system. You can add additional tubing, feeder lines and fittings to fit your system to your landscape.

Raindrip Box

Flower, Shrub, and Tree Automatic Watering System

Get started with automatic watering. This kit waters up to 10 plants.

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